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- "We live voluntarily in a condition of limitation.
We opt to accept a limited life and co-operate in its restrictions,
rather than to live in the world of relative freedom for which we were designed.
From this world of relative freedom greater freedom is available.
(Robert Fripp 1997)

I am a software engineer (M.Sc. or "Siv.ing" in Norway) from Oslo, Norway, who likes to do a lot of walking. This page is dedicated to the the photographs taken by myself on my walks. The pictures are taken with a Canon Ixus V2 (2002-2005), a Canon PowerShot S80 (2006-2009) or a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS (2010-). Visit albums.islandwalking.com for more!

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Here we go!

The pictures are (roughly) in reverse chronologic order (newest on top!)

Year changes are indicated in


References are indicated as "/Author/", see the corresponding islandwalking.com web page for details (click on the island names to get there directly).



Gran Canaria - My walk PDI1.

Krokskogen - My walk 9 (2010-2012).

Atrani - Walk segment 16 in /Tippett/.


Lefkada - Walk 5 in /Chilton/.



Nordmarka - My walk 5 (2010-2012).




Lagos - My walk 1.


Nordmarka - My walk 16 (2008-2010).



Lisbon - Walk 5 in /Burton/.


Østmarka - My walk 2 (2008-2010).

Rhodos - My walk 3.


Samos - Walk 9 in /Anderson/.

Santorini - Walk 1 in /Graf/.


Nordmarka - My walk 14 (2006-2008).

Aegina - Walk A.V in /Thompson/.

Milos - Walk 16 in /Graf/

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Tenerife - My walk 11.


Sørmarka - My walk 10 (2006-2008).

Chios - Walk 7 in /Anavasi/
Thassos - Walk 13 in /Chilton/
Kos - Walk 7 in /Chilton/

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Paphos, Cyprus
Vientjernet - My walk 13 (2004-2006).

Mallorca - Walk 16 in /Crespí-Green/.

Sardinia - Walk 13 in /Stieglitz/.


Dausjødammen - My walk 3 (2004-2006).

Lesvos - My walk 6.

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Kardamili - Walk 8 in /Cullen/.
Gozo - Walk 23 in /Lockhart/.


Dælivannet - My walk 1 (2002-2004).

Menorca - Ciutadella harbour. Walk 20 in /Ansell/.

São Miguel - Caldeira das Sete Citades. Walk 2 in /Stieglitz/.

Skiathos - My walk 1.

Lanzarote - View from Montaña Corona. Walk 14 in /Rochford/.

Ibiza - Torre d'en Valls. Walk 23 in /Losse/


Corsica - Tour de la Parata. This is walk 1 in /Rochford/.

Sicily - View from Monte Pellegrino towards Mondello. This is walk 24 in /Amann/.
Rhodes - Tsambika (from Moni Tsambika). This is walk 10 in /Rochford/. The mother of all beaches?

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